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Desmentido rumor de MJ y Beyoncè de Destiny's Child


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Actualmente sólo consulto 2 artistas musicales en la Web: Michael Jackson y Destiny's Child.

Ví en este Foro los rumores que había de una prensa inglesa o americana sobre la probable relación que pudieran tener Michael Jackson y Beyoncè de Destiny's Child. Así pues, me he puesto en contacto con una página americana y les he mandado el texto en inglés que acompañaba al resto del mensaje, para no implicar a nada ni a nadie.

La respuesta ha sido esta: (abajo he hecho un resumen)

What is this news site smoking? This story is very false. Beyonce is not dating anyone currently right now. She is on tour with the rest of DC on the TRL tour here in the U.S. right now. She cannot be in two places at once let alone with Micheal Jackson. Furthermore Micheal Jackson is a married man with a kid.

Beyonce has been news on several romances lately including rapper Eminem, Justin from N'Sync, rapper Mos Def, and rapper Nelly. All of them being false. In the montly magazine here in the stats called Ebony magazine she was asked about this and she stated and I quote "I am not dating anyone right now let alone anyone in the industry. I just don't have the time. Every media is illustrating me with this and that. As far as the media is concerned I am dating everyone in the industry. *Beyonce laughs*".

All this news is a issue of media claiming they have a source (could be the limo driver if all we knew) and blowing it out of perportion.

Take the rapper Eminem situation. Beyonce and Eminem where talking during the Brit awards but after the awards where over European tabliods reported both are a couple.

So their saying when a man and a woman talk to each other that means their dating? That makes no sense.

Same with this one. More likely Micheal and Beyonce talked to each one time and one person on the set or madeup who knows blew it out of perportion to sell a story. Media does not care because they know it will sell.

It's false like other celebrity tabloid articles.

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(En resumen (y en español) que MJ está casado y que a Beyoncè le han atribuido ya muchos novios por el mero hecho de hablar con ellos fuera del set. Hay que tener cuidado con la prensa sensacionalista).

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What is this news site smoking? Michael no está casado sino divorciado y tiene 2 hijos, no uno.

Ay ay ay... hay que informarse...:p