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Did Michael copy this guy's album cover for Thriller?


HideOuter Adicto
This topic was recently raised on another forum. We know the Thriller recording sessions started in April of 1982. I have no idea when the album artwork was completed.
But this guy apparently took his photo in late 1981 and the single came out before Thriller. I'm still trying to research When This 12 "was released.
I've also heard he worked with MJ and it may be the other way around. I copied the cover for His Thriller 12 "single?

[MEDIA = youtube] o6ei7dcST9s [/ MEDIA]
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HideOuter Hiperactivo
Quién sacó el álbum antes?
El parecido es notable 😲
Estoy ojeando su canal.Su último video :
Podríamos decir que su estilo actual se parece mucho a D'Angelo (este se inspiró en Prince) o Bilal...
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Rockin Robin

Rubberhead Club Member
There's no clear information on the release of this guy's record, but it is estimated little after Thriller, and Mike made the covershoot way prior the actual release, so I 'd say just a coincidence.
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