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New revelations about Michael Jackson


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Former bodyguard Michael Jackson has made new revelations about the pop king, refuting accusations of pedophilia.

Matt Fiddes, 39, said in an interview that Michael Jackson's allegations of child sexual abuse were far from reality as he used to accompany many women into her pop king's bedroom.

The whole thing about pedophilia is nonsense. He had a lot of friends and a marriage with Lisa Marie Presley, "the 39-year-old said in a conversation with the Metro newspaper, adding:

"He was almost never in Neverland. He had to be constantly in Los Angeles because of his increased professional obligations. Neverland was four hours' drive from Los Angeles, and he was reluctant to drive, so he rarely went there. Go there to make public appearances. All that is written about young children could not have happened because of the increased security that always surrounded him. These are nonsense. "