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New Tell-All Book Claims Jackson Didn't Sing on Last 3 Albums

Coolcat Jackson

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*(Las Vegas, NV) – The long-awaited, tell-all book, Michael Jackson: The Lie Becomes the Truth, from the critically acclaimed author, Phoenix, reveals the secrets and lies about Michael Jackson that the world did not know.

Phoenix uncovers the truth that Michael Jackson never sang on his last three albums before his death, HIStory, Blood on the Dance Floor, and Invincible; sound-alikes were used because Michael wore a prosthetic nose since the ‘90s and could no longer sing. Camouflaged voices were digitally enhanced and tweaked to sing in Michael’s tone and octave, just like the posthumous CD releases of Michael and Xscape.

Phoenix also exposes the disillusion of the riveting 3D resurrection of Michael Jackson at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards as a hologram of a performance that Michael never gave to a song that Michael never sang.

Never before has a book been written on the entire Jackson family, exposing the whole shocking truth. According to Phoenix, “it’s time the world knows the truth!”
Phoenix, the Jackson family expert, author of the applauded book entitled, Touched by the Jacksons, about the world famous King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and the Jackson family, was a longtime friend and former spokesperson for the Jackson Family who also managed one of the famous Jackson brothers, Tito Jackson.

Read more at http://www.eurweb.com/2014/09/new-bo...gWKdIRIdIJL.99