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Remember The Time session mix - Teddy Rileys Future Records CD


HideOuter Junior
Michael Jackson -Future Records Recording Studios

Remember The Time - Goofing On Remix - by Teddy Riley& Bernard Belle - unmastered

This CD is 1 of the only 61 existing : each are different. These CD's are from Future Records Recording Studio,Teddy Riley's former studio in Virginia Beach, VA.

This studio cd contains something you’ve never heard !

This is one songwith two very different sections in the composition. (see picture)

Section 1:
It begins with a gentle and calm instrumental waiting for the voice of MJ who arrives 32 seconds later. The rythm rises crescendo with the addition of new instruments gradually.

It sounds like both a remix and a new mix. A piece of music where there is a lot of creative work. It’s like you feel an escape from the album version while keeping the same typical Teddy's synthesizers that we love so much...

This piece is so different from everything we know, really hard to describe, almost confusing but so beautiful!

Back to calm with a reel jam session, very cool instrumental improvisation on piano / guitar.

This is why it is written “T.R.& B.B Jammin with Michael Jackson" on the CD.