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Thoughts about recent leaks/auctions


HideOuter Novel
so, as yall probably know, there have been a bunch of new leaks and auctions happening, so here are my thoughts:

-----recent stuff and possible outcomes-----

most things were leaked by the mj fandom collective (who i know), however they quit, meaning that we dont have any insane leaks rn
the auctions could be great, but its a total of around 7000 bucks which is very very expensive
crowdfunds are useful but i dont think we can get the kai stans to save up 7k for them
if we do get the tapes we might not actually get them leaked and if we do, the actual untouched audio might not be released
so if we get an edited version we will need to credit the person who edited the audio, meaning that theyre everywhere, meaning they get famous lol
if we do get the untouched audio, we should be good tbh


recently, a lot of stuff has been circulating but nothing has been leaked, which is good for the collectors but not for people who dont have stuff
i have considered leaking some snippets that i have but i probably will not (please dont spam me if you want the snippets and dont have anything to give, i might trade but i most likely will not)
the circulations have been slightly becoming less active by a bit, meaning that some leaks might take a while to actually happen, however be patient

-----fake leaks-----

there have been a lot of fake leaks which are made by using an ai to recreate the song, and then the creator of the leak adds reverb to it to make it sound more "real"
theyre not easy to spot, however if you listen carefully you should be able to spot them


if you have any question or want to state your opinion, feel free to leave a comment and ill probs respond
ye thats it thanks for reading


HideOuter Novel
yes it got sold
its probably sold to a private collector
weve probably lost pensacola
if its not a private collector, they could be acting like they dont know who got it so that they would get attention, and they could reveal they got it after they got big ig idk
yes thats it thank


so i talked to the guy who bought the tape, hes just helping with the bid apparently
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