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Unreleased Demo-Tracks and other rare stuff -DOWNLOAD-


HideOuter Senior
hello everybody,
right now i am in turkey!in a internet cafe,but here i have only 56k!

i have heard that mjstar.co.uk will publýsh some rare stuff from MJ!
if yes can anyone download it for me?because i cant do ýt here....tooooo slow i can get only 2 k/s.....

if anyone have all the thýngs please write me a private message!

thanks to everyone

good bye for now..........nice holidays!

P.S: We have some new Mj-friends! I make all my friends to jackson fans.....they love the invincible aLBUM overall.....they listen to the album everyday in a big club



HideOuter ¡Invincible!
At this moment, they're buildin' the page. You can't find songs there...
Thanx anyway



HideOuter ¡Invincible!
es q si intentas entrar en www.mjstar.com, pos fale, carga, pero si intentas entrar en mjstar.co.uk te manda a tomar viento...por eso puse eso...jeje

Ta luego