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Week 4 of the AEG trial


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Now do you still believe Mrs. Katherine Jackson did not know what she was talking about?

Still believe she is only concerned with money?

Still believe so much of the bad information we have been given about the concert and these people?

News summary for week 4 of the AEG trial

May 25, 2013

tags: AEG, Conrad Murray, Julie Hollander, Michael Jackson, Shawn Trell
by Vindicatemj (Helena)

To recap a bit with the latest news from the AEG trial here is a summary of ABC7 tweets from the courtroom on May 20-23, 2013. I hope there will be time in the future to analyze everything properly, so at the moment here is the short news only. Probably a little later some other information will be added to it.
It looks like it was really stormy weather there. There are lots of things to say here but let me point out only the following:

  • Tohme was to be paid $100,000. Michael never approved of the payment (points 101-103). AEG said they were “facilitating the agreement between Tohme and Michael Jackson (???)

  • AEG’s's email about “drama queen” evidently concerned Kenny Ortega’s worries. There is absolutely no concern for Michael’s health (points 205-207)

  • To my surprise since the moment Branca and Kane were hired they was also informed of the events. The good thing though is that Branca at least offered some help. He also expressed doubt that any drugs were involved (points 211-212). But his involvement is a big surprise.

  • Both Randy Phillips and Bob Taylor of the insurance company confirmed that Murray was hired by AEG (points 262, 266-269)

  • Shawn Trell says that all of them signed Michael’s contract.But where are their signatures in the contract then? (point 343)

  • They called him “freak”! (494-498, 375-382). Panish says it is the “tip of the iceberg”.

  • The correction to Murray’s contract said he was to perform the services for the Artist, but at Murray’s trial Kathy Jorrie testified that the correction was not accepted and the text remained the same – Murray was to perform the services requested of him by the Producer (AEG). Point 448

  • Murray’s contract was never sent to Michael’s attorney (point 521)

  • AEG did not have Michael’s written approval for 50 shows though the contract required it in writing (points 530, 636)

  • AEG had a “management agreement” with Tohme for the services rendered on the tour. Tell could not explain in why or in what capacity Tohme would be working – he was no AEG employee and no independent contractor (points 556-562)

  • Randy Phillips threatened to take away Michael’s house if he did not perform! (point 580)

  • There was absolutely not pressure on AEG – they were not losing anything as all the $34 mln. spent were to return to them in the form of MJ’s assets. So there were no reasons for all these AEG’s “concerns” (point 594)

  • Michael had to guarantee the AEG spending by his personal assets (point 675)

  • In April Michael was able to do multiple spins! (point 621)

  • AEG was stalling Murray in getting his contract (point 625)

  • Though Tohme was fired it was him (and Frank Dileo) who approved the expenses of $34mln. on behalf of Michael’s company 3 days after Michael’s death (point 644).

  • When Michael was alive he did not provide a written approval of those expenses (point 697)

  • Frank Dileo was to be paid $5 mln after Michael’s death! They say they did not pay him (point 691)

  • Tohme and Dileo included payment to Murray into the expenses which were requested to be covered by the Estate (point 701)

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