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Why Im Enjoying My Single Life More Than Ever


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Autumn finally comes. It is my most favorite season - the second being winter. When the sky seems bluer, and the yellow leaves litter the road to my home, I feel like my life becomes more aesthetic and full of beauty. I love autumn especially because it is when I was born. A few days ago, my best friend gave me a present for my birthday. It was the most sensible thing I have ever gotten for my birthday. She knows me well, and this gift confirmed one fact: she gets me.

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She bought me the brilliant Eufy Homevac lightweight cordless vacuum.

Some people may be upset if they got a cleaning gadget as a present. On the contrary, I cannot get enough of it. Skincare products? Expensive jewelry? I like them, but I love them the same way as I like Messi ... I love vacuuming machines or so as much as Son Heung Min. In case you do not know, Son is my forever number 1 favorite football player. Smart cleaning is my language of love , and my body speaks out of my heart.


I live alone in a reasonably small house. I have a dog and three cats . I love living by myself, because it allows me to immerse into my own world. I wish my parents saw me more and did not urge me to get married. For now, I am happiest when I am single.

All year round, I wear slippers instead of shoes in my house. Still, my hardwood floors gets spectacularly covered in dirt. Dirt, my hair, pet hair ... All types of unwanted substances seem to like making their way into my nest and sticking to my soles, especially if I'm not wearing shoes. Similar to my mom, I have been going through hair loss. The sight of heaps of strands falling on the floor frightens me! OMG, my precious locks! Why do you leave me even though you know I love you to bits! The most hated way of spending an afternoon is by picking up thousands of my once beautiful hair from the floor.

I am busy doing what I am fond of in life. At the same time, I expect my living environment to be as clean as possible . That is why I sweep my house every single day. I could dedicate my time to doing a multitude of more enjoyable things than tidying up the place. I do not hate cleaning, but I want to reduce the time spent on it. The payoff is undoubtedly a neat house, which I completely appreciate. Still, at what cost?

About half an hour a day. That is the cost. As small as my space is, it takes me around 30 minutes to clean the entire place.

Thus, I neglect the task from time to time. If I cannot find the courage to clean when I know it needs doing, I am going to say "Oh, but I will finish my assignment instead!" I do not want to invite my friends over to home. It is quite embarrassing to let them see the mess. Let me tell you I have a psychological disease; it is called Akrasia ...

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Luckily, I have found the best treatment. My buddy gave it to me. It is the Eufy cordless stick vacuum . That device does not drain my energy. Do you know why? It is incredibly lightweight and easy to use. It comes with a 2200 mAh battery which offers 50 minutes of vacuuming power. Turning, pulling, pushing, and lifting it is a piece of cake. The vacuum's body weighs only 5.5 pounds , which is three pounds less than a one-gallon container of milk . And that's not all, it is superbly maneuverable owing to its flexible nozzle.


The two cleaning modes (standard and max) allow me to deal with any annoying types of mess. The cyclonic suctioning and rotating brush help lift debris off different surfaces. I'm able to clean my entire house quicker than ever before. I love how functional, practical, and straightforward it is ,, with all my heart. It has become another one of my friends.

One of the things I like most about this vacuum is that I can use it in the mornings quickly before I have to run out and do my errands. It makes me feel fresher and more energetic, enabling me to complete my to-do-lists every day. My life motto is enjoying every single moment. And with that helpful friend, I can live to the fullest without any regrets. Amazing, right?

Speaking of its influences on my life, I have got healthier living in a spotlessly clean home. I'm unfortunately someone who suffers from allergies. Still, this cleaner with HEPA filter works fantastically to prevent dust from coming back into the breathable air. In case you do not know, HEPA is short for High-Efficiency Particulate Air . The neater my space is, the more I love decorating it, and so it becomes even more beautiful. I am fond of the color pink and a plethora of cute things. That is why I have given my house a complete makeover. The feeling of admiration when I get back home into my cozy and clean nest is priceless. My mood is better, and I feel younger and more energetic.

Besides, working in a clean environment helps increase my productivity. I am less sleepy throughout the day and I finish my tasks quicker. Plus, spending less time cleaning and completing my jobs faster means I have more time to take care of myself. I have learned and applied some proven ways of improving hair thinning. I also reward myself with a facial mask two or three times a week. Afterall, the most important thing is yourself and your own health!


Further, I would give this device an A + because of its secure storage. Aside from the Eufy Homevac troubleshooting ability, its vertical design is fantastic when I need to store it. The model does not occupy much space. That is why I can keep it anywhere in my small house. It is effortless to clean as well. I remove the dust cup and wash after use.

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The last words

I am genuinely thankful to my good friend for giving me such an amazing machine. It allows you to become a better version of yourself after the smallest bit of change. There is no need to take big steps when a small one is more than enough. This vacuum has changed my life for the better . Now I am thinking about what to buy my friend as a way to express my gratefulness. Maybe a Eufy Homevac Duo ... I definitely become an ardent fan of this brand.

Do you have your favorite cleaning equipment? Feel free to let me know your journey using it.
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