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Sorry por esto, pero creo que somos muchos los que a veces no entendemos los post que se ponen, así que creo que vendría bien este tema para recurrir a él cada vez que no se entiendan las abreviaturas (a mí me vendrá de perlas):

APOM: Another part of me
BBM: Baby be mine
BOTDF: Blood on the dance floor
BOW: Black or white
DSTYGE: Don't stop till you get enough
GITM: Give in to me
GOTF: Get on the floor
HTW: Heal the world
IJCSLY (ó JCSLY): I just can't stop loving you
ITC: In the closet
JGF: Just good friends
LMA: Leave me alone
MITM (ó MIM): Man in the mirror
OTL: On the line
OTW: Off the wall
PYT: Pretty young thing
RTT: Remember the time
RWY: Rock with you
SIM: Stranger in Moscow
SOOML (ó SOML): She's out of my life
SYBDTTG: Shake your body down to the ground
TDCAU: They don't care about us
TGIM: The girl is mine
TII: This is it
TLIML: The lady in my life
TWYMMF (ó WMMF): The way you make me feel
WBSS: Wanna be startin' somethin'
WDAN: Working day and night
WII: Who is it
WYBT: Will you be there
YANA: You are not alone
YRMW: You rock my world

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