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How did Brando “realize” that Jackson was abusing children?


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How did Brando “realize” that Jackson was abusing children?
Recorded actress filing with prosecutors - a 1994 testimony - comes out on the podcast on Sunday

In 1994 Marlon Brando dined at Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch in California. The two stars of the American baseball show had become familiar, Brado said, and their discussion allowed for indiscretions.

The actor asked the singer about allegations of child sexual abuse against him. What Jackson said - more precisely: what he avoided - Brando conveyed to prosecutors during Jackson's trial in 1994 as evidence of Jackson's guilt. That Brando testimony was recorded.

The actress tells the court: "I had asked him if he was a virgin, and he was laughing. He was embarrassed, he didn't feel comfortable talking about his sex life. "

Brando testifies to the prosecutor's cassette recorder that he tried to make a statement on the subject of the abuse, but the singer began to cry and say he hated his father. "With such an attitude I think it is quite reasonable to conclude that it may have been related to children," Brando reckons.

Brando still tells prosecutors that he believed Jackson was gay.

Jackson died in 2009. Two lawsuits were filed against him for pedophilia. He was tried and acquitted of all charges.

Brando died in 2004.

The above deposit has not been disclosed and will be broadcast on Sunday as a podcast from the Luminary website. One of the podcast producers holds a copy of Brando's sworn testimony, dated March 14, 1994, and has verified the authenticity with one of the two prosecutors.

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