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Menciones o Alusiones a MJ en canciones


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Vic Mensa en 2HONEST, de su nuevo álbum V TAPE.

"Tears of a fallen soldier, rollin' down my face
One hand stickin' out of my grave
The whole world left me for dead, Michael Jackson's estate
But I'm too high, I never land"


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Big Sean en Lithuania, con Travis Scott.

"Military with the tactics, multi-million, multi-facet
She like Prince and Michael Jackson, Purple Rain and mirrors dancing
Savage Fenty matching with the lingerie socks
Didn't know they made them 'til I took 'em off and I popped"


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Otra de Big Sean! Don Life con Lil Wayne, donde samplea la canción que menciona.

"Getting to the paper like it's human nature
Goddamn, the more they hate us, that just motivate us"


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Kanye West en su última canción: Nah Nah Nah.

"Next time you text, can it wait?
You are talkin' to a presidential candidate (Candidate)
I know you think Obi-Wan gettin' tired now
Don't jump, Anakin, I got the higher ground
I'ma hit the moonwalk like I seen Tito"


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Otra: Dennis Rodman, del nuevo álbum de A$AP FERG con Tyga:

"Ayy, she gon' send a text when it's gettin' late (Woo, gettin' late)
Ayy, meet my security at the gate (At the gate)
Bitch, you lookin' at a star like we in a Wraith (In a Wraith)
Beat it like Billie Jean, moonwalk away (Ayy)"