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MJ live performance details- for creators


HideOuter Senior
Yo, thought I'd post this thread for people who make fanmades who want to know details about how songs were performed (what key, tempo etc. . .) when MJ performed live. I'll start with what I have so far:

Smooth criminal was performed at a 121 bmp with a pitch of -.5 semitones on all tours (original bpm is 117)

Working Day and Night- Live Pitch = -1 on Triumph and Victory tour
The pitch was lowered to -1.9

Another Part of Me- Live pitch for all of 1988 was performed at a -1 pitch
- for 1989 it was lowered to -2

Off The Wall= -1 pitch

WBSS- Live Pitch Bad/ early DWT= -2
- Pitch first 8 shows (Munich- Oslo) is same as album
- Pitch was then lowered a bit to -2 for the July shows (I think don't quote me on that)
- Live Pitch Copenhagen 92’- Mexico 93’= -3
- 128 bpm

BAD- Live pitch= -1

Billie Jean Live Pitch: same on all tours (?)
Billie Jean Live tempo- 123 (VT< BT<DT)

SOOML: tempo: 65+

That's all the info I have for right now, but if anyone has any other/ better info please write below!